Lasten kanssa museoon hero englanti

Visiting the museum with children

Everyone is welcome at the Police Museum. It is also an excellent destination for families with children as well as day-care and school groups.

You can explore our exhibitions independently or book a guided tour for your group. We only provide guided tours to groups of children in Finnish. If your group has its own interpreter or, for example, the supervisor of your group can interpret the tour guide’s words, tours can also be given in other languages.

A child playing the traffic game in Pokela, wearing police overalls. Photo The Police Museum.

Lasten kanssa museoon sisältö

There's plenty to do for children

For children, the most important location in the museum will no doubt be Pokela police station – the children’s section. In Pokela, children can have fun by, for example, getting behind the wheel of a small police car or dressing up in Pokela’s police overalls.

In the activities space called TOTI, adjacent to the permanent exhibition, there is also a real police van. Hop in and imagine yourself as a police officer – or try the villain’s seat in the rear of the van!

General information about the museum’s facilities (such as toilets, baby changing facilities and eating lunches) can be found on the Tips for your museum visit page.

Tips for your museum visit

A wall full of comics in Pokela children’s section.

Cartoons Kristian Huitula, photo The Police Museum

Do I need to whisper in the museum?

It is best to go over the ground rules of how to behave in a museum with children before your visit.

You don’t need to whisper inside the museum but you should keep in mind that there are other visitors who may want to focus on the exhibits or may be listening to our audio tour. In the children’s section in Pokela police station, children can play and raise their voices more freely.

Running in the museum is absolutely forbidden, as it may pose a hazard to other museum visitors and to the exhibits. Playing tag is an excellent outdoor activity – so let’s take it outdoors!

Pushing others or pulling people’s clothes is not part of real police work, and the little police officers of Pokela should also follow these regulations.

The role of parents and group supervisors is very important throughout the duration of the visit. Adults are responsible for the children under their care. During guided tours, group supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that their group is not disruptive and that it stays together.