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Varaa opastettu kierros sisältö englanti

Book a guided tour

We only provide guided tours to groups of children in Finnish. If your group has its own interpreter or, for example, the supervisor of your group can interpret the tour guide’s words, tours can also be given in other languages.

Guided tours are available for groups of children when booked by their supervisor. Our tour guide will introduce the group to the police’s duties, why police are needed and what kind of help they provide. Together, they will explore the police uniforms and vehicles of the past, and the group will be introduced to the equipment police must be proficient with in their work. You can ask the guide for further information and they will provide you with interesting tidbits and background information.

Tours tailored to the group

We plan the contents of a guided tour according to the age of the group. To support their learning goals, the person in charge of the group can request subjects they want to be included in the tour when making the booking.

Tour guides can tailor their tour to multiple different emphases, such as whether the group is more interested in the history of the police or in police work. With older school children, the tour can tackle subjects in a more problem-oriented way: What happens when someone commits a crime? How should you act when a crime has been committed? What is the role of police in our society?

The maximum size of children’s groups we can accommodate is thirty. We do not recommend guided tours for children under five years of age.

Play and direct experience are important for children, so please reserve time for independent exploration and play following the tour. Our children’s section has a number of activities for little visitors, so twenty minutes will go very quickly there. 

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