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Pokela children's section

There is a lot to do in our children’s section. Children can, for example, sit behind the wheel of a small police car and play with toys. In Pokela, touching the items is permitted!

There is a hidden treasure in the closet: small police overalls that the little officers of Pokela police station can wear during their tour.

Three children wearing police overalls in Pokela, in the children’s own police car. Photo The Police Museum, Sami Hätönen.

Lastenosasto Pokela sisältö englanti

Welcome to Pokela!

Children’s police station Pokela is intended for day-care and school groups as well as families. Children get the opportunity to put themselves in a police officer’s boots and become familiar with police work.

In Pokela, children can sit behind the wheel of a small police car and peek into the back room of a police station. They can also test the Police Robot and explore what the Police Chief is up to. On the large cartoon wall, they can see Pokela’s traffic police officer, patrol officer and license office secretary in action.

Small police overalls in sizes intended for children between four and twelve (sizes 110, 130 and 150 cm) can be found in the blue closet. Children and young people in wheelchairs can also try out what it feels like to be a police officer by donning a police cloak.

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Visiting the museum with children