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Temporary exhibitions

Dive deeper into police operations in our temporary changing exhibitions! Our temporary exhibitions provide information on the various themes of police work. The special exhibitions are usually on display for 2–3 years.

This page provides information on what temporary exhibitions are currently on display in the Police Museum. We also announce forthcoming exhibitions on this page.

All the exhibition texts at the Police Museum are in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Marias and Mörkös – Police Vehicles On and Off the Road

The police move on land, in water and in the air – in little streets in cities, on the roads, in the fells and in waterways. The Marias and Mörkös special exhibition presents a diverse display of police vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, snow scooters and all-terrain vehicles.

For example, the exhibition includes the Saab 99 car, familiar for many, but also more rarely seen police vehicles, such as the world’s fastest police motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. The oldest vehicle on display at the exhibition is a 1962 model Renault Goélette that was formerly used by Tampere police and that eventually ended up in TV2 children’s program ‘Pelle Hermanni’.

Overview of Police Museum special exhibition, with police cars and motorcycles on display.

Photo Roosa Lehtonen

“The patrol van ‘Maria’, mentioned in the name of the special exhibition, will also be on display, and museum visitors can take a seat in it. The other vehicle mentioned in the name of the exhibition, ‘Mörkö’, is not on site in the museum, but it is presented in words and pictures. ‘Mörkö’ is the nickname for crowd control police forces’ dark personnel carrier van with protective covering.

At the “Marias and Mörkös” exhibition, museum visitors get information both of the history and current situation of police vehicles. These days, police fleet includes armored vehicles, cars equipped for crime scene investigation, snow scooters, personal watercraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. The exhibition also informs about driver training of the police and its development. The exhibition is suitable for museum visitors of all ages.

The special exhibition is open until 4 December 2027.

News item about opening of the exhibition

Pictures related to the exhibition in the image bank on our website

Watch a video about the “Marias and Mörkös” exhibition

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Watch the video about the “Marias and Mörkös” exhibition on YouTube

Maijat ja möröt logo en

Logo of the Marias and Mörkös exhibition, with texts including the name of the exhibition and “Police Vehicles On and Off the Road”. In addition to the text, the picture shows a tyre spinning on asphalt, and smoke.


Maijat ja möröt Ajoneuvot kokoelmissa infolaatikko en

Vehicles in collections

The Police Museum’s collection includes more than 30 vehicles, numerous photographs of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and dozens of hours of videos on for example driver training.

The eKokoelmat service on the website of Mobilia, the national special museum for road and motor transport in Finland, includes a lot of information about police vehicles (in Finnish, some information in English as well).

Information about police vehicles in Mobilia’s eKokoelmat service

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Are you looking for information about a previous exhibition?

Over the years, we have presented the history and activities of the Finnish police from various angles. The themes of temporary special exhibitions have included, for example, forged artwork, police education, police dog operations, police’s use of force and the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

Information about past exhibitions is available in the Previous exhibitions section.

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