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Temporary exhibitions

Dive deeper into police operations in our temporary changing exhibitions! Our temporary exhibitions provide information on the various themes of police work. The special exhibitions are usually on display for 2–3 years.

This page provides information on what temporary exhibitions are currently on display in the National Police Museum. We also announce forthcoming exhibitions on this page.

All the exhibition texts at the National Police Museum are in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

A view of the Museum’s exhibition on art crime. The picture shows, among other things, a tall picture frame reaching from the floor to the ceiling, and dozens of counterfeit pictures on the walls and on the stand.

Photo The Police Museum, Pia Penttilä

The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland

What is art crime and how is it investigated? How are forged artworks sold and who buys counterfeit art?

The exhibition titled The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland presents the key incidents of art crime committed in Finland and the related investigations conducted by the police.

The visitors have an opportunity to see counterfeit copies of work by artists such as Gallen-Kallela, Schjerfbeck, Picasso and Léger. All works are now part of the National Police Museum's collections. Originally, they were confiscated in connection with a pre-trial investigation and handed over to the state as instruments of crime.

A work of art being investigated with a magnifying glass.

Photo The Police Museum, Jarkko Järvinen

The exhibition of art crime is not an art exhibition, but a portrayal of art crime and its history, as well as the investigations carried out by the police in cooperation with art experts. At the same time, the visitors will learn about the tricks of fraudsters in art trade and how to distinguish counterfeit artwork from an original.

The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland exhibition is on display at the National Police Museum until 16 December 2023.

Read the press release about the exhibition (25 March 2021)

Watch videos about the exhibition on our YouTube channel (in Finnish and Swedish)

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Take a virtual tour of the exhibition

Take a virtual tour of the coloured truth – Art crime in Finland exhibition on your own computer or smartphone. The virtual tour opens in the Digimuseo online service.

The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland exhibition in the Digimuseo online service