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Come and visit

In this section, you can read more about the museum’s opening hours and how to get here.

We have collected information for groups and tips for visitors on this page.

The front of the Police Museum building. The text “Police Museum” and the logo of the exhibition “The Police is Here!” are in the window, and the window reflects the parking lot opposite and houses. Photo The Police Museum, Pia Penttilä.

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Free entry

We are a museum in Tampere that offers free entry for all visitors. Our exhibitions tell the history of the Finnish police and policing from the middle ages to the current day. Entry into the museum is free.

At the Police Museum, you can sit in a police van, take a picture of yourself in the suspect registration chair and watch old films about the police. In the special children’s section young museum visitors can wear police overalls.

Welcome – we have exhibits and experiences for all ages!

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Did you know?

The Finnish police have two museums: the Police Museum and the Crime Museum.

The Police Museum in Tampere is a museum for the whole family, open for all.

The Crime Museum in Vantaa is not open for the general public. The Crime Museum operates on the premises of the National Bureau of Investigation, but it is part of the Police Museum. Some objects from the Crime Museum are displayed for the general public in Police Museum exhibitions.

Only groups consisting of police stakeholders may visit the Crime Museum. Further information is available on the National Bureau of Investigation website.

Further information about the Crime Museum on the website of the National Bureau of Investigation

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We sell Museum Cards

You can buy a new Museum Card from the Police Museum or extend the validity of your existing card. Entry to the Police Museum is free of charge.

You can pay the Museum Card with a bank or credit card.

More information about the Museum Card on the website