Police Museum participates in Police Day on 27 August

Publication date 17.8.2022 11.50
News item

The museum will be open on Police Day on Saturday 27 August from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Welcome to explore the Museum of the Year, on-site or virtually!

The Police Museum in Hervanta, Tampere, currently has two exhibitions on display. The permanent exhibition ‘The Police is Here!’ provides information on the changing of police work with the help of crime and accident cases from different eras. The exhibition on forgeries, the first of its kind, called The coloured truth – Art Crime in Finland presents the key incidents of art crime committed in Finland and the related investigations conducted by the police.

“Museum visitors have an opportunity to see counterfeit copies of work by artists such as Gallen-Kallela, Schjerfbeck, Picasso and Léger. The works in the exhibition have been confiscated by the police and ordered forfeit, that is, to be handed over to the state as instruments of crime, and are now part of the museum’s collection of forgeries. One objective of this exhibition, proven to be our star attraction, is to warn people of fraudulent art dealers,” says Chief Intendant Tiina Tuulasvaara-Kaleva.

A museum for the whole family with no admission fee

The Police Museum offers plenty to see and experience for the whole family. You can put yourself in a crime investigator’s shoes, examine objects, take a seat in the police van or play a virtual patrol car game.

“We also have a special children’s section, Pokela, featuring a hidden treasure in the lockers: small police overalls, which the young officers of the Pokela police station can wear throughout their museum tour.

There is no entrance fee to the Police Museum.

The museum can also be visited remotely: in the virtual museum, you can explore online exhibitions and take a virtual tour. The Police Museum’s YouTube channel features videos related to the exhibitions and history of the police. Some of the YouTube videos have subtitles in English.