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Poliisi fiktiossa sisältö englanti

Police in fiction

The “Police in fiction” exhibition demonstrated how Finnish fiction, film, and television productions have molded the general public's image of the police and police work. The exhibition started with the 19th century libelous poems and ended in today’s modern, multi-faceted production.

General view of the exhibition “Police in Fiction”. In the picture, two museum visitors are walking to the exhibition, surrounded by illustrations relating to the exhibition.

Photo The Police Museum

During the preparations for the exhibition, the National Police Museum organized a playful vote on the favorite fictive police characters. The overwhelming winners of the vote turned out to be Reinikainen, a Finnish TV show police officer, and Chief Inspector Palmu with his team from famous old movies. In addition to these two favorite police characters, there were many other police characters included in the exhibition.

The exhibition also provided a stage for the police officers’ views on the police characters and the impressions of police work depicted in detective stories. In addition, the authors/policemen Marko Kilpi, Mikko Karppi and Pasi Lönn participated in the exhibition by sharing how they have managed to combine their work as policemen and authors.

The exhibition was on display from spring 2013 to fall 2014.

Two museum visitors are viewing the exhibition. In front in the picture, there are signs to various towns.

Photo The Police Museum