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The first exhibition produced by the Police Museum was FINPOL 05. It was on display in Tampere at Vapriikki Museum Centre, because the Police Museum did not yet have its own facilities.

The FINPOL 05 exhibition included all in all three parts: 75 years of safety for citizens, From the depot to the technology centre and In search of crime.

The exhibition was displayed from the fall of 2005 to the beginning of 2006.

75 years of safety for citizens

The exhibition showed how the Mobile Police Unit (LPK) became the National Traffic Police (LP) during a time span of 75 years.

In the exhibition, we displayed the work and equipment of the National Traffic Police during different eras. The exhibition included cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats. There were also photographs and films taken by the police on display. The exhibition had an activity booth for testing your own knowledge of traffic signs and whether your friend was still able to drive after drinking.

From the depot to the technology centre

The exhibition provided a summary of the Police Technology Centre by displaying its history from more than 85 years.

The exhibition portrayed the development of the four police depots – the equipment, firearms, communication and vehicle depots – into the Police Technology Centre. Museum visitors were able to take a closer look, for example, at the Sari protective vest and the police uniforms.

In search of crime

The exhibition designed by the Crime Museum of the National Bureau of Investigation displayed the stages of crime and crime prevention from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The exhibition unveiled, for example, who has been Finland’s most notorious homicide criminal, what was the fierce reputation of Matti Haapoja based on and what was the hand of Tattarisuo. Forged pieces of artwork were also on display in the exhibition.