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900 vuotta poliisin historiaa Suomessa sisältö englanti

900 years of police history in Finland

The first permanent exhibition of the Police Museum was titled “900 years of police history in Finland”. For the first time, it told the audience the entire story of domestic policing from the Middle Ages to the present.

General view of the exhibition “900 years of police history in Finland”, in a photo taken near the ceiling. The picture shows museum visitors walking between the showcases, and in the room, for example photographs and items relating to police work are seen.

Photo The Police Museum

The exhibition recounted the history of the police in chronological order, and presented the duties and communications equipment of the police as separate entities.

On display were artefacts from uniforms to vehicles, and hundreds of interesting photographs and rare films.

The visitor was able to a seat in a police van, admire the first lottery machine in Finland, and take a tour of an old crime investigation laboratory.

The exhibition was on display from fall 2008 to fall 2018.

The exhibition displayed a bomb disposal robot and a police dummy of the National Special Intervention Unit ‘Karhu’, hanging on a rope from the ceiling.

Photo The Police Museum