Record number of visitors to the Police Museum: about 42,000 visitors acquainted themselves with the museum in 2023

Publication date 15.1.2024 10.05
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The special exhibition “The Coloured Truth – Art Crime in Finland” that closed in December 2023 attracted an all-time record number or visitors to the Police Museum. The next temporary exhibition will open in spring 2024.

In 2023, the Police Museum was visited by some 42,000 people. The previous visitor record was made in 2017, as the museum attracted almost 31,500 visitors.

“The Coloured truth exhibition, opened during the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic, ended with a great triumph. In two and a half years, more than 90,000 museum visitors came to see the exhibition. Our special exhibition attracted both groups and individual visitors to explore the world of fraud and art forgeries,” says Museum Director, Chief Intendant Lauri Haavisto.

In spring 2024, a new exhibition, “Marias and Mörkös – Police Vehicles On and Off the Road”, will take over the temporary exhibition space of the Police Museum. It will include a diverse display of police vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The exhibition will open at the end of April.

Changes to the “gaming den”

In addition to the temporary exhibition space, the gaming room will be renewed at the Police Museum.

“Many games have now reached the end of their lifecycle. Our aim is to plan something else of interest to replace them. For now, we cannot say precisely what that will be. The opening schedule of the renewed space is also still open. The space may house a small-scale temporary exhibition or possibly exhibits from crime history.”

“At the Kino cinema next to the gaming room, museum visitors can still watch films about the police. The programs at Kino will be renewed during the spring, and they will certainly feature high-speed, skillful driving with police vehicles,” Lauri Haavisto promises.

Welcome to the Police Museum in 2024 – the museum offers things to see and experience for visitors of all ages!

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