No more visitor restrictions at the Police museum – welcome without an appointment!

Publication date 20.9.2021 14.12
News item

Visitors to the museum don’t need to book a visit beforehand, as you can now visit the Police museum without an appointment.

– As the coronavirus situation still continues in Finland, we hope that all museum visitors of the age of 12 and above will use an oral and nasal mask at our premises. Please ensure good hand hygiene and follow the guidelines for social distancing, and visit us only when you are not sick, reminds curator Maritta Jokiniemi from the Police museum.

Police overalls and games again in use

Part of the museum’s functions have been out of use because of the coronavirus situation. Now, for example, the small police overalls at the Pokela police station are coming out of storage and children can dress up in them again.

– We will also open the games room for use, where you can try the virtual patrol car game. Do you notice all the things happening in traffic and in the police car? In the Cops & Robbers quiz game you can test your knowledge of police work and the history of criminality. The Supo (Finnish Security and Intelligence Service) game includes picture puzzles from which you can determine slang related to the world of intelligence. Later in the autumn we will also open the renewed crime scene facility. 

Some of the games are only in Finnish.

We regularly clean the museum’s game equipment and touch-screen pens that one can borrow. Disposable face masks will be available later in the autumn for the virtual reality headset used in the virtual patrol car game.

The Police museum is open on Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Entry is free of charge.

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