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Ohranasta Supoon sisältö englanti

From Okhrana to Supo – State Security Police in Finland

The words “state security police” invoke images of darkened sunglasses and top secret operations. Combatting terrorism and security work are part of the work field of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, but the history of the state security police goes much further back than the time before Finland’s independency.

The front door of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service in the Museum’s exhibition.

Photo The Police Museum

The “From Okhrana to Supo” exhibition displayed the development and duties of the state security police in Finland from the 19th century Gendarmerie Corps and Okhrana, i.e. the special unit combatting political crimes, to the war time state police and then Supo, Finnish Security Intelligence Service, which was established in 1949.

In the exhibition, we provided information on the actual tasks of the “secret agents”. The museum visitors were able to learn about the equipment of the state security police and to see the type of cell where the persons suspected of treason were held during the war years. One of the single largest exhibits was the armored car of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service which has been used for the safe transportation of VIP guests.

The exhibition was on display from spring 2011 to fall 2012.

A view of the exhibition “From Okhrana to Supo”. The picture shows for example file boxes and folders.

Photo the Police Museum