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Demanding situations and the use of force

The “Demanding situations and the use of force” exhibition was about the history and current situation of the use of force by the Finnish police.

In 19th century Finland, the police were seen as providers of punishment “by the grace of God and the ruler”. Today, the powers of the police and the rules for the use of force are specified in detail by law.

General view of the exhibition. The sign describes the equipment of the National Special Intervention Unit ‘Karhu’ in the 1970s–1990s.

Photo The Police Museum

The exhibition covered the patrol police, the National Special Intervention Unit (Karhu), the TEPO (Terror Bomb) team, crowd control (JOUHA) and the VATI special operations team.

The museum visitors were able to study photographs, rare films and artefacts, such as Cossack whips from the 19th century and weaponry from the 21st century.

The exhibition offered not only information but also hands-on experiences. In the “Demanding situations and the use of force” exhibition, you could, for example, test your reaction ability in a police game: how you would resolve ordinary police duties, such as a situation where there is a fight in a public location.

The exhibition was on display from spring 2015 to fall 2017.

A museum visitor is posing in a photo stand-in at the “Demanding situations and the use of force” exhibition.

Photo: Police University College