Lauri Haavisto from the Military Museum appointed Chief Intendant of the Police Museum

Publication date 11.4.2023 9.10
News item

Lauri Haavisto will take up the position of Chief Intendant, museum director of the Police Museum on 1 June 2023. He will join the Police Museum from his previous position as Head of Exhibitions at the Military Museum.

Haavisto has held various positions at the Military Museum which operates as part of the National Defence University. In addition, he has been Director of Research at the Artillery Museum of Finland and holds the degree of Master of Arts.

“Working at the Police Museum will be the highlight of my career so far, as I will be working with expert personnel at this highly interesting museum that was appointed Museum of the Year in 2022. It is a great honor to be able to join this community,” says Lauri Haavisto.

“Museums are an indispensable part of the functions of society, because they tell the story of Finland and Finns from various angles, providing us with tools for understanding both the past and present.”

The Police Museum is appointing a new museum director because Tiina Tuulasvaara-Kaleva, the previous Chief Intendant, will retire.

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