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Services offered to other museums

Items and images belonging to the Police Museum may also be borrowed by other museums, and through our information service you can receive help regarding matters related to the history of the Police.

Item loans

We lend our items to other professionally maintained museums for exhibition purposes. If you are searching for a police-related item for an upcoming exhibition at your museum, please contact us via email ([email protected]) to discuss a loan in more detail.

To borrow an item, we require a written request by email including:

  • the name of your museum
  • information concerning the exhibition where the borrowed item would feature
  • the requested duration of the loan
  • information concerning how the borrowed item will be displayed (for example, will it be displayed in a glass cabinet).

Item loans are chargeable.

Images and information services

The images offered via the image bank on our website are at your disposal for free. You are welcome to ask about other images via our information and image services. Images provided outside the image bank are chargeable.

Our information services are glad to help if you are searching for information concerning the Finnish Police. The service is chargeable.

Familiarize yourself with our information and image services website, where you can find more detailed information on our services. The site also contains links to free information sources. 

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Our staff

Lauri Haavisto
Museum director
tel. +358 295 483 280

Maritta Jokiniemi
Communications, museum pedagogy, guided tours
tel. +358 295 483 904

Panu Rissanen
tel. +358 295 483 903

Juha Vitikainen
tel. +358 295 483 061

Service and Communications Manager
Sari Mansikkamäki
Customer services, communications and marketing
On leave of absence, substitute: Pia Penttilä, tel. +358 295 483 012