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Information for the media

Are you looking for someone to interview or for photographs to feature as part of your story concerning the Police Museum or the history of the Finnish Police? On this site, you can find contact details of the Museum staff and you can download photographs related to the Museum from our image bank. Also familiarize yourself with our news section!

Image bank

Within the image bank on our website, anyone can download photographs related to the Police Museum. We can also provide some further images for use by media representatives. Please contact us if you require further images.

To the image bank

Yhteystiedot henkilökuntamme sisältö englanti

Our staff

Chief Intendant
Lauri Haavisto
Museum director

Maritta Jokiniemi
Communications, museum pedagogy, guided tours
tel. +358 295 483 904

Service and Communications Manager
Sari Mansikkamäki
Customer services, communications and marketing
tel. +358 295 483 707

Panu Rissanen
tel. +358 295 483 903

Juha Vitikainen
tel. +358 295 483 061

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Familiarize yourself with our news section